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Lumenis Opus Duo
Lumenis Opus Duo

Trims, paket sudah tiba semalam sore dengan keadaan yang sangat baik dan memuaskan. Rekomendasi buat Absolute-Electronic dengan layanan yang sangat cepat dan terpercaya.


• Cindy

We get shipment today with very good and safety box. Very recommended seller :)

• Jeremy

My order arrive today and very excellent quality. Very recommended medical shop.

• susanto tan wijaya

Order tel ah saya terima pagi tadi dalam keadaan sempurna sesuai dengan iklan pada website. Hanay dalam 2 hari barang sudah sampai ke alamat saya. Terima kasih dan suskes selalu :)

• Dr. Nindy

Very trusted shop. Purchase yesterday and I get my order in my home in 2 day only. Very fast and trusted seller.

• dr.Kumar. SPOG

I have received my order Olympus CV-140 yesterday in a very satisfactory state. Trusted seller and the process is very fast.

• Juliana

Olympus Microscope BX51TF I have received this morning via JNE. Thank you

• Harry tan wijaya

I've purchase Jazzy 1170 XL Plus Electric Wheelchair last week and item has been arrive successfull with perfect condition. This seller is very trusted !!!

• Jerry Phong

Last afternoon we received orders Kuschall R33 wheelchair with a very satisfactory condition. Although there are several days late but we are very satisfied with the quality of your product and service. Stores that are very reliable as I have done several transactions with very satisfactory results. Thanks

• andreamarry

Satisfied shoppers and sellers are very friendly. Reliable !!!

• Jaya
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Meiji ML7000 Metallurgical Microscopes

Meiji ML7000 Metallurgical Microscopes
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Price: $1,500.00
Availability: In Stock
Manufacturer: Meiji
Average Rating: Not Rated

Meiji ML7000 Series Infinity Optical System

Reflected Light Illumination
Basic Metallurgical Microscope w/infinity optical system.

A metallurgical microscope with erect image binocular head inclined at 30 degrees, rotatable 360 degrees, with dioptric adjustments on both eyetubes. Interpupillary distance is adjustable between 52 mm and 72 mm. The oculars are DIN KHW10x compensating eyepieces with a 20 mm field of view.

The models come with an infinity optical system, quintuple nosepiece and infinity corrected S-Plan M4x, M10x, M20x and M40x objectives. Lighting is with a Koehler method vertical illuminator 6v 30w designed for brightfield and polarization technique.

Comes with blue clear, green clear, yellow clear and polarizing filters in mount. 4" x 4" large scan mechanical stage with low positioned controls. Coaxial coarse and fine focus graduated to 2 microns per division. A wide variety of accessories are available.

Comes with a limited lifetime warranty.
About this product:
Available with erect image binocular heads, and non-erect image trinocular heads for photomicrography (erect-image trinocular head optional). All have 30° inclined eyetubes with adjustable diopter settings and interpupillary distance from 52mm to 72mm, 360° rotatable.
Paired DIN KHW10x, FN 20.
Smooth-operating, ball bearing mounted, quintuple nosepiece.
Infinity corrected S. Plan 4x, 10x, 20x, and 40x standard. 5x, 50x, LWD 50x, 60x, and 100x optional.
Flat-top stage: 172mm x 130mm surface with 100mm (X) by 100mm (Y) movement, drop-down right-handed coaxial controls.
6V 30W halogen, variable-intensity, full Koehler vertical illuminator with field iris, aperture iris, and filter slots. Includes clear blue, clear green, polarizing, and neutral density (ND8) filters in mounts.

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Meiji ML7000 Metallurgical Microscopes
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